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Established in 1649, our company's mission has been to produce legendary rice vinegar. We began our journey in Japan and have perfected our recipe over the years to make Canada’s favourite rice vinegar. We use century-old traditional methods and our keen passion for perfection to create the best rice vinegar of all time. We make our rice vinegar with organic rice from California and we brew our rice vinegar for over two weeks to ensure that every last drop meets our high standards. Today, we celebrate over 370 years of being the best in the rice vinegar industry. Our secret? Tradition and a passion for quality. Our organic rice vinegar has a distinguishable rich flavour and a mild taste that is perfect for any recipe. At Marukan, we don’t take any shortcuts when producing our rice vinegar. We stick to our Japanese roots and delicately create our organic rice vinegar with the utmost care and attention to detail. It is our passion for rice vinegar and our dedication to making the finest rice vinegar in the world that makes the difference in every one of our products. We make the world's finest organic rice vinegar, and we’re proud to share it with you.