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Mauna Loa

With an eruption of crunch and a smooth, buttery taste, Mauna Loa’s Hawaiian Sea Salt Macadamia nuts are here and like the volcano they’re named after, every nut is an explosion of taste and benefits!

Named after the volcano in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, Mauna Loa believes that small changes like a flutter of a butterfly wing, a small, seemingly inconsequential decision, can actually have big impacts! Make waves when it comes to your health, whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual, with Manua Loa’s macadamia nuts, which are considered Hawaii’s Supernut. Simple, wholesome eating with big health benefits, macadamia nuts are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, one handful of these supernuts a day will keep you feeling groovy and keep those good vibes goin’ strong!  



Mauna Loa’s Hawaiian macadamia nuts are buttery and crunchy, roasted and salted with Hawaiian sea salt, these nuts are gluten-free, vegan, paleo and made with non-GMO ingredients.