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Meat Chops

Meat Chops

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From the land to your hands - you can enjoy wholesome, ethically sourced bison and elk snacks made from bovine raised in the lush Canadian native prairies and without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. At Meat Chops, an emphasis is placed on the welfare of the animal. Meaning they are raised in free-range open pastures located in Calgary, Alberta where they are free to roam and exercise, and only feed on green grasslands that are free of any pesticides or herbicides. They are not fed any corn or grains to bulk them up - just the nourishment of the green grass of the prairies, with fresh water to drink! So, with Meat Chops 100% Canadian raised elk and bison snacks you’re getting the most nutrient-dense, high protein snack made only from clean ingredients. These bison and elk snacks are perfectly seasoned with delicious, savoury flavours. When you eat a Meat Chops snack you’re not only investing in your health, by choosing to eat a better for you snack, you’re also supporting ethical, regenerative agricultural practices that are better for the land, soil, water and the animals that roam.