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If only we were able to claim that we, the people of milkadamia, always progress with steely resolve. That we are fueled by constant hope and elevated thoughts,  but of course, our lives are as gloriously, messily, humanly uncertain, and contradictory as they are hopeful and exuberant. Yet we dare aspire to create milkadamia as not merely a (ridiculously delicious) plant-based milk, but as an advocate for our earth, our health, and our future.

Faced with an unraveling climate-scape percussing the very fabric of this fantastic planet. Our home, where chaos and beauty, so achingly, co-exist, our hope resides in the common-sense of ordinary folk.  Nothing is achieved by directing blame-thirsty fingers outward, toward others and away from ourselves – we got into this together, we will experience it, or we will mitigate it, together.

Why be non-dairy? Why promote Regenerative farming?
Why reject palm oil when 50% of grocery products use it?

Because even in this increasingly fraught era for our, slightly hand-me-down, yet fantastic planet, we believe steadfastly in the collective ability of people to bring their combined superpowers of meaning, purpose, and community to the fight.  We will save that which we love.

Collectively consumers can speak to the food industry in the language they listen most attentively to – their sales and market share. What we purchase to nourish and support our families – also feeds and supports the companies that produced it. Make them do it right!  We, the consumers, have the most powerful and compelling voice.   How will you use it?