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At Mooala, we sometimes go a little nuts (or a little bananas) over our obsession to make outstanding, dairy-free beverages that benefit you and the world. Fueled by lactose intolerance, our founder Jeff focused on creating plant-based beverages that were free of compromise and full of flavour. Nonetheless, Jeff quickly realized that making organic plant-based beverages that were up to par with Mooala’s standard was not going to be an easy task. But after many trials, Jeff innovated the perfect recipes that were low in sugar and carbs, organic and vegan. Jeff was very passionate about his dream and took the time to make sure everything was just right in each and every product created and sent out. Aside from being delicious, our vegan creamers and milk had to be fun! So, we jumped outside the box and found the perfect representative for our brand and purpose, a spotted koala! The Mooala koala is like a regular koala except quite culinarily talented--it picks the best nuts, seeds, and fruits from the tree to create crave-worthy low-carb milk and creamers. He then leaves his creations at Natura Market and waits for your eyes to light up once you spot them and take it all the way to your kitchen. One sip is all it takes for you to realize that we’ve captured joy in a bottle, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! At Mooala, we want you to go nuts over our plant-based milk and creamers, and bananas too! We create fun and dairy-free products by combining the best part of every product out there. With a combination of almonds, coconut, and other flavourful ingredients, there’s nut-thing you’ll miss about regular milk!