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Muddy Bites

Muddy Bites

The perfect bite every time. Muddy Bites has turned everyone's favourite part of an ice cream cone, the chocolate-filled bottom, into delicious light and crispy bite-sized pieces!

Do you always save the best bite for last? With Muddy Bites, you no longer have to!

Jarod and Tyler founded Muddy Bites when they came to the epiphany that everyone loves the bottom of the ice cream cone. Everyone. That chocolate-filled goodness is the perfect bite every single time. Instead of having to eat the whole ice cream cone just to get to that delicious, much-anticipated bottom, Muddy Bites brings the bottom to you! A bag filled with bite-sized, light, and crunchy waffle cones filled with rich chocolate for a bite that’s sure to make your inner child jump for joy! Now every bite can be the best bite.