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Naked & Saucy has stripped all of your favourite cooking ingredients down to the bare essentials. High-quality, sustainable ingredients that you can truly feel good about. Soy-free. Organic. Vegan.
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When it comes to cooking, we know that you don't want to compromise on taste. And we don't want you to feel like you have to.

That's why we stripped our ingredient list down to the bare essentials so that you can feel good about the products you cook with. We use only fresh, organic, and natural ingredients in our sauces and oils—and not only are they good for you, but they're also good for the environment and the farmers who work with us. We exclusively work with small-scale farms that do not contribute to deforestation, and we make sure these farmers are compensated fairly for their labour.

So why Naked & Saucy? Because we want to give you a product choice that you can truly get behind and so that you don't have to compromise amazing taste for food that fits your lifestyle and values.