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Enjoy the charm of nature with Nature’s Charm 100% cruelty free, vegan certified products! These plant based items are perfect to substitute for your family recipes for a healthier kick or are great to have on their own, straight out of the can!
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From a charming vegan sister duo, Marrisa and Sonya, who both had a fiery passion for food comes the charming company; Nature’s Charm! Being the daughters of Thailand’s first coconut milk manufacturer, they used their experience to create dairy free alternatives to her family’s original coconut milk and the result of their work was much too sweet for them not to share with the rest of the world! Nature’s Charm founder’s motive in their cool creations is to create cruelty free and delicious products, all while still being able to bake and enjoy the foods that they’d grown up with in their pre-vegan days. Now expanding their line to include a whopping 31 products, Marrisa and Sonya’s message still rings true in every product they produce in Nature’s Charm which is to “be vegan & make peace”.   


Nature’s Charm products are entirely vegan, plant based healthier alternatives to the ingredients and products that you’ve grown to love without the preservatives or artificial ingredients. From baking supplies to integrate into your recipe to standalone meals that you can enjoy right out of the can. Feel great knowing that what you’re eating is 100% cruelty free, better for you and better for the planet!