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Fuel that on-the-go lifestyle with Noka Organics portable smoothies! Take these pouches anywhere life takes you and get that boost of energy anytime you need it!
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From mountain trails to a power walk around the neighborhood, Noka Organic superfood smoothie pouches are the perfect way to have refreshing, nourishing smoothies on the go! On one hot summer day on a mountain trail, friends and founders Ryan & Adam took a reprieve for a boost of energy. They’d looked at the energy bars they’d packed with them and wished to have a smoothie instead, but they realized the challenge in being able to bring a smoothie on the go. Thus, with their vision in mind, they felt inspired to be the answer for this challenge and launched Noka; the perfect grab & go snack for anywhere life takes you! Now you too can fuel up on that super fruit and feel like a super you with these refreshing, prebiotic, on the go smoothie pouches!

At Noka, their mission is to make snacking tastier and healthier effortlessly so that you can get the most out of your adventures, and with the very best, organic ingredients, you can fuel your mind and body so you too can take advantage of every day, no matter the occasion! 


Noka Organic superfood smoothies are sourced from the highest quality, organic ingredients. These vegan smoothies are high in fiber to promote and maintain digestive health and high in protein for that extra boost in energy. Get the very most out of your day with Noka Organic superfood and prebiotic smoothies!