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Nosh Balls

Meet Nosh Balls: the brainchild of Jaimie Mintz, a go-getter mom determined to fuel your adventures with flavour-packed, nutrient-dense energy bites. Bursting with superfoods and crafted with love, these energy bites are your ticket to a whole new ball game of healthy snacking.

Are you ready to kick your snack game up a notch, or should we say, Nosh? Jaimie Mintz, a mom of two with zero time, running on fumes, but still determined to juggle the demands of every day life–sound familiar? Well, Jaimie felt your pain, and from that chaos, Nosh Balls were born! She whipped up these flavour-packed, nutrient-dense energy balls to fuel her adventures, and now they can fuel yours too! 

Made with love, packed with superfoods, and bursting with all-natural goodness, Nosh Balls are here to rescue you from mundane munchies. Because every bite should be a ball, a Nosh Ball, that is!