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Olé Cocktail Co.

Welcome to Olé Cocktail Co., where we're turning the cocktail game upside down, one mocktail at a time!

Olé Cocktail Co. started in the spring of 2020–with the world on pause, we were thirsty for some zest in our lives. We craved a taste of the tropics, a tantalizing escape from the everyday grind. But what did we find? Sugar-laden impostors, synthetic flavours, and drinks that just didn't quench our thirst for the real deal. And when we realized we weren’t alone in our search for authentic and delicious mocktails, the Olé Cocktail Co. dream was born, right in the heart of our lockdown blues. 

Our non-alcoholic cocktails are a symphony of flavours, carefully composed with premium blue weber agave tequila from the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. With real limes and grapefruits in every can, we don’t take any shortcuts or compromises. Just the real deal. We sweeten the deal with organic agave nectar and a tantalizing pinch of sea salt, delivering a taste so genuine it'll have you saying "Olé!" with every sip.