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Oregon Chai

Finally, the QUALI-TEA you’ve been craving has arrived! Oregon Chai’s products are sure to give you the taste that you desire in your chai tea!

About Oregon Chai

In 1991, the founder of Oregon Chai went to the Himalayas to find a way to fill up her cup - metaphorically. That’s when she tasted a rich spiced chai tea! Upon arriving home, she committed 3 years of her time to creating her own version of this amazing tea. This is how Oregan Chai was born! 

Oregon Chai’s latte concentrates are packaged in a lightweight carton that can be easily recycled. Their concentrate is 94% product and only 6% packaging! Oregon Chai’s paper is only sourced from forests where biodiversity is practiced and the trees are replaced. 

Oregon Chai Products

Oregon Chai Products are made from natural ingredients that are sourced from farms that promote ecological balance. Their Chai Black Tea Concentrate is vegan, dairy-free, and organic. With aromatic flavours, this chai tea latte concentrate is sure to give you the warmth that you crave in a tea!