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Peaceful Fruits

Peaceful Fruits

Peaceful Fruits are here to give parents everywhere peace of mind with their 100% real fruit snacks. Fun, flavourful and natural, their fruit snacks are the perfect thing to add to any kiddo’s lunchbox!
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As seen on Shark Tank, Peaceful Fruits is a better candy for a new generation of kids! They’ve reimagined those fun favourites from our youth with a healthier twist. From fruit dots to animal shaped fruit stickers, Peaceful Fruits is proudly a 100% real fruit type of snack that’s naturally sweetened! No artificial ingredients or added sugars, just natural, wholesome fruit ingredients that can be enjoyed and shared amongst classmates! It’s the perfect snack for those kiddos who struggle with their fruit intake, or want something that’s both yummy and fun, while still being health-conscious! Get ready to have a snack for any occasion, because there’s never a wrong time to enjoy real fruits!



Made from real fruits and real, non-GMO ingredients, and are naturally flavoured and sweetened, Peaceful Fruits revolutionizes those classic, fun-to-eat candies in a healthier way! Vegan and paleo-friendly, these fruit snacks contain absolutely zero chemicals, stevia or allulose, just all-natural goodness, and each serving of Peaceful Fruits yields 1-2 fruit servings!