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Perfect Bar

Those that say nothing is perfect have never tried Perfect Snack's bars!

The story of Perfect Snacks starts with Bud, a self-proclaimed health nut, and his passion for nutrition. He knew that what we ate had a direct effect on how we felt and worked to share his belief that whole foods are the best source of nutrition with anyone who'd listen. One day, he grounded up a bunch of dried fruits and vegetables, mixed them with freshly ground, organic peanut butter and honey, took one bite, and declared, "it's perfect!" And, from there, the recipe was born.

When we started Perfect Snacks, we banded together, knowing two truths: whole foods and family is the answer. Like our snacks, our beliefs are pretty straightforward. We believe in doing life your way, having fun in the kitchen, and surrounding yourself with those who support your dreams. Our family's mission is to nourish Canadians with a hug, good vibes, and a delicious dose of fresh, whole food nutrition. To us, that's the recipe to make life a little more, well, perfect!

All Perfect Snacks products are made with minimally processed ingredients, whole food sources, and have no artificial preservatives. We choose to use whole food protein because it is more delicious, and your body has an easier time breaking it down and using it! Our snacks also have 20+ organic superfoods offering a convenient dose of vitamin and mineral-dense nutrition in every one of our tasty products. We're also proud to be Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, organic, and kosher.

Best of all, our snacks are convenient and can be enjoyed on the road, on the go, before work, after school or wherever life takes you. 

Are you ready to perfect your diet? Choose Perfect Snacks!