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Queen’s Premium crispy onions are fit for a Queen, or King, actually the whole court! Gluten free and keto friendly, these crispy onions are made with just 2 simple ingredients; high quality sunflower oil and fresh onions, now that's something royal!

Having a negative experience with store bought cooked onions and still wanting time to spend with her kids among just having spare time to do other things, founder of Queen’s Premium, Shaikh, decided to make her own! Wanting to give her children healthy and home-cooked South Asian meals, and realizing that sauteed onions were a predominant ingredient in many different dishes, there were countless hours that were spent cooking and preparing just the onions before integrating them into her recipes, leaving her little to no time to do much of all else. When she’d expressed her frustrations to her friends after using store bought cooked onions that were made with low grade cooking oil and unhealthy fillers like flour coating, her friends shared her concerns, and Shaikh realized the potential. She’d finished creating her own cooked onions and sent them to her friends, who’d fallen in love instantly with her creations! Through word of mouth, Shaikh started to get orders which launched her creations into endless possibilities for revolutionizing the South Asian cuisine market, and as the years went by, her business grew to retail stores and restaurant supply chains! To this day, Queen’s Premium’s mission is to make life easier for you while still being able to make those high quality, home cooked meals with no compromises whatsoever! 



Queen’s Premium crispy organic onions and garlic are all natural, have no added preservatives or artificial ingredients and are allergen free! These gluten free garlic and onions are perfect for any occasion that calls for them and are made wholesomely so that you don’t need to stress about what’s on the packaging and just enjoy what’s in them!