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Real Phat Foods

Real Phat Foods

Real Phat Foods is here to help you kickstart your journey towards real food that's really good for your body and brain! We provide convenient snacks made from real ingredients that are clean label, grain-free, low-carb and diabetic-friendly...and they're delicious!

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Real food that's real good. That's the Real Phat Foods way!

At Real Phat Foods, we believe that you should be able to eat your favourite foods without sacrificing taste for nutrition. We also believe in eating real food—foods that are made with ingredients you can understand and pronounce. 

We make our products from real food and nothing else—artificial sweeteners, no chemicals, no preservatives—just whole ingredients like nuts, seeds and spices that will fuel your body and brain with energy instead of leaving it feeling drained. They’re not just ‘good for a low-carb, grain-free product,’ they’re just good...period.