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At Redmond, we live and breathe everything Real Salt. We’ve been in the salt mining business for over 60 years and we’re just getting started. We know our salts, and we can tell you that most salts on the market are not what you expect. From anti-caking agents to sugar to poor handling, these salts on the market don’t deliver what they promised you. At Redmond, we value transparency and believe in nurturing a trustworthy relationship with our customers, so we make our Real Salt the way that it is meant to be--unrefined, nutrient-dense, and flavourful! We take control of everything in our salt-making process from the salt deposit to the store shelf. We do everything with intention and keep things simple. We don’t take shortcuts and keep our products flavourful and full of possibilities. We remain curious and continuously look for opportunities to innovate and improve our products. We operate with a win-win mentality: a win for consumers, producers, and everyone involved in the process. At Redmond, we play in one team focused on living better and eating better. With Redmond, you’ll always feel like a champion.