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Rip Van is a snack company that makes truly delicious sweet snacks that are also low in sugar, low in net carbs, and keto friendly! We’re here to make you feel good about snacking.
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We get it. You want to eat healthy, but sometimes you just need a snack that's sweet and delicious. So we invented Rip Van Wafers! We're not just another granola bar or breakfast cookie brand—we're the first truly low-sugar snack that's actually worth eating.

We didn't just throw together some dried fruit, nuts, and seeds in a package—we carefully selected each and every ingredient that we use in our products. We seek the highest quality ingredients we can find, the simplest ingredients and the most nutritious ingredients that allow us to still make delicious food.

We spent a lot of time trying to mimic the bliss cues of sugar by combining cutting-edge food processing techniques with clean and simple ingredients. With a state-of-the-art facility is nono-GMO and Kosher, avoiding any preservatives, chemicals and artificial sweeteners.