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Sacred Snacks

Sacred Snacks

Popped lotus seeds just got even better with Sacred Snacks! Minimally processed, wholesome and delicious, they strive to maintain the natural goodness, the sacredness of the lotus and everything it represents with their incredibly delicious and nutritious snacks!

Sacred Snacks founder Mika Gioia had wanted to bring to Canada her favorite childhood snack that she found in her mother’s kitchen back in India, popped lotus seeds. Mika’s mother used to roast the seeds and season them with a delicious and secret family recipe blend of spices and Mika just couldn’t resist, it had quickly became her go-to snack whenever she was in a peckish mood. When Mika moved to Canada, she found that her favorite snack was nowhere to be found, and with her entrepreneurial spirit and with the rise of healthy, wholesome and convenient snacks on the market, she decided to jump into the market, and thus, Sacred Snacks was born! With an ethos inspired by the Lotus flower, Sacred Snacks mission is to instill positivity, mindfulness and healthier snacking habits. With lotus seeds cultivated sustainably, these all natural snacks are handpicked, popped and seasoned to perfection! It’s time to introduce and feel good about snacking again with Sacred Snacks popped lotus seeds, the wholesome, simple and sacred way of snacking!   


At Sacred Snacks, they uphold preserving and honoring every ingredient in their most natural forms. Their lotus seeds are handpicked and popped in small batches, and are afterwards roasted to complete perfection with a touch of natural seasonings and olive oil!