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Discover the future of snacks with Sana Sweet Life! A perfect balance between wellness and deliciousness, this is a snack with no compromises whatsoever and is a perfect reward for your tastebuds, body and mind!
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Founded in 2019 by Véronick, Danny & Emrick from their home, this family has devoted years into making and developing sweets that have equal amounts of sweetness and wellness! At Sana, they believe that leading a healthy life should be fun and uncomplicated and having a balance of everything is a key component in healthy, happy living!

Having been diagnosed in 2018 with Lupus, co-founder Véronick had made some necessary lifestyle changes, including her diet and she’d found that these changes in decreasing her sugar intake and nourishing her body with good and healthy fats had a tremendous effect on her daily life for the better! She realized then that with her love of creative cooking, the adaptations she had to make for her diet and her passion for wellness and health, Véronick decided then that she could combine all of these to make healthy and delicious snacks that are the perfect balance of wellness and pleasure. Life’s too short to make compromises on what you’re eating, and Sana’s all about the freedom to love what you put in your body with their deliciously sweet snacks! 


Ketogenic and with no sugar added, Sana Sweet Life snacks are a perfect combination of indulgence and wellness! These delicious, high protein snacks were crafted to be that touch of sweetness while you’re on your health journey because at Sana, living a healthy, happy life and keeping the good things in life shouldn't be two separate things where one needs to be sacrifices in order to do the other, these concepts live in harmony with their delicious snacks!