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Skout Organic

No need to take a pledge because Skout Organics makes a promise to be great tasting and healthy for kids everywhere. Want a snack that’s nutritious and delicious? Look no further than Skout Organics kids snack bars!

Small but mighty, Skout Organic has been crafting better-for-you snacks for over a decade, starting with humble beginnings in 2009 as a homemade baked trailbar which had later grown into what Skout Organic had become today! From kid friendly, even for those kiddos with the pickiest of paletes, snack bars to protein bars, Skout Organic keeps in mind not only maintaining great taste with their products, but also healthier for everyone. And they do this by sourcing great, high quality organic ingredients that all of nature has to offer. No more sacrificing flavor when it comes to picking out your kiddo’s favorite snack when Skout Organic has it all, scout’s honor! 


Skout Organics have gluten and grain free, organically made snack bars that are not only delicious but better! Vegan friendly and made with non-GMO ingredients, your kiddos can have a delicious snack that’s also made with nothing but the finest that nature has to offer. Skout Organics is all about real, simple and great tasting ingredients!