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What’s the secret ingredient for creating amazing food? It’s Soom tahini! After being blown away by a secret tahini carrot cake in Israel, the founding sisters returned home to the USA on a mission to recreate the mind-blowing carrot cake. Nonetheless, they quickly realized that Israeli tahini is unlike any other tahini and there was nothing like it available in the Western world. As firm believers that sharing is caring, the founding sisters knew that they had to share their tahini-discovery with the Western world and created Soom. Soom’s tahini is a versatile pantry staple loved by world-class chefs and home-cooks everywhere for its authentic flavour, nutritional value and simplicity. Unlike other tahini producers, Soom’s tahini has only one vegan ingredient, pure ground sesame seeds, nothing else. At Soom, our mission is to bring the most flavourful food from our kitchen to yours. Grain-free and gluten-free, tahini is excellent for sweet and savoury paleo-friendly recipes like salad dressings, cookies, pasta sauces, cakes and more. To us, tahini is more than just for hummus, it's our passion and our life. We use our tahini to gather people, nutrition and flavour all in one place. Keto-friendly, high in plant-based protein, vegan and Whole30 approved, Soom tahini is what you’ve been missing your whole life. Worry not, with Soom you can catch up on all your lost flavours in no time!