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Hundreds of millions of pounds of sweet potatoes are wasted every year for being “ugly” and “imperfect”. Spudsy sweet potato powder comes from these ugly, upcycled sweet potatoes, many of which would otherwise have gone to waste. We take these deliciously imperfect sweet potatoes and turn them into healthy snacks. Pretty sweet, huh?

Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs are Certified Vegan, Kosher and packed with superfoods! All of our ingredients are Plant-based, so you know your ensuring optimal nutrition and environmental awareness. Spudsy Puffs are an excellent source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A superfood and super delicious!

All of Spudsy’s Sweet Potato Puffs are Gluten-free, Non-GMO and Allergen-free. We take the time to provide you with the best ingredients possible, which means avoiding shortcuts and keeping the standards for our ingredients high. Rest assured that you’ll be eating clean with Spudsy. We innovate good for you and good for the world, superfood snacks that never compromise on taste, nutrition or sustainability. We upcycle nutrient dense sweet potatoes into delicious snack food that the whole family can feel good about and have fun eating!

Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source of Plant-Based Fiber and Protein. Full of soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as several antioxidants, Sweet Potatoes provide a boost to gut health and can help protect against certain forms of cancer. Rich in beta-carotene, Sweet Potatoes can also help improve your vision, as well as brain function and your immune system.

For all those who love healthy munchies with a cheesy twist, this one might just steal your heart - 

Spudsy Vegan Cheesy Cheddar Sweet Potato Puffs – This puffy vegan snack with a cheesy flavor will have you drooling once you tear open the bag. For all you cheese puff lovers, we have a healthy snack of your dreams and it’s going to be hard to resist this one. Best part about these gluten-free snack? It’s high in protein, kosher and Non-GMO.