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Sun Tropics

Sun Tropics

Sun Tropics is a family-owned company committed to transforming global childhood favorites, tropical fruit, and authentic street food into shareable snacks and beverages with adventurous flavors.

We grew up in Asia and it was very exciting! The aromas, the textures, the flavours! Wow! Our mission is to share our vibrant culture through our favourite foods. We promise simple ingredients, unique textures and adventurous flavours.

Our unique soft crunch Mochi Snack Bites are born in Thailand. We start with short-grain rice grown in the lush mountainside fields of Northern Thailand. It takes a full week to soak the rice, grind it into flour, then cook and tumble with locally harvested sea salt, native chilis, curry spices and other signature seasonings to create the perfect anytime savoury snack crunch. We aim to make our snacks free of gluten and dairy so more people can enjoy them.

We hope sharing the snacks we love will transform strangers into friends!