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Sunny Fruit

It’s always sunny with Sunny Fruit snacks! Organically made and ethically sourced, these snacks are great to take on the go! With no added sugars, these vegan friendly snacks are great for anyone and everyone!
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Sunny Fruit was founded to support active lifestyles everywhere with their line of healthy, organic products that are ethically sourced and produced. Regardless of age, Sunny Fruit firmly believes that everyone can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle to be their best selves. Their ingredients are sourced from the fertile soils of Izmir, Turkey, and are prepared utilizing the unique climate that Izmir offers! After ethically harvesting, the fruits are sun-dried to perfection to retain the ideal sweetness and to preserve all the good stuff before they are packaged up and shelf ready! Sunny Fruit is the to-go snack for any occasion, nutritious and delicious, and can be enjoyed any time of the day! They are also versatile, making great, delicious garnishes for drinks, making homemade trail mixes for travels, among so many more possibilities!      



Sunny Fruit organic, no sugar added, sun-dried fruit snacks hailing from Izmir, Turkey are the perfect, nutritious snack that anyone can enjoy! Dried to perfection, their dried fruit snacks are great as a standalone snack, or can pair well in a trail mix! Or, instead of making your own trail mix, you can have their fruit and nut snacks which are great, high fiber snacks to take on the go with you!