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Suzie’s has a new take on healthy eating with their products made with nothing but the best ingredients that have been searched for around the globe! Organic and vegan friendly, Suzie’s strives to marry healthy eating with delicious flavors captured with every product they make!

Suzie’s mission is for everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on the taste! The Suzie’s team had seen the void there was when it came to natural and specialty foods, while the selection being offered surely was healthy, it was definitely limited in the taste department, so they went on a search to look for not only the best ingredients but the ways that they could make them tasty so that people didn’t have to choose between health and taste. Since their founding in 1983, Suzie’s continues to flourish in the health food world, offering flavourful and healthy products made with nothing but the best ingredients searched for around the globe from Italy to Spain, their resources and factories stretch beyond to many places! They are ever expanding their selection to bring new and exciting things, taking feedback from locals and meeting farmers and suppliers directly, getting a real world view on the needs of those who wish for organic, low calorie and vegan alternatives, and that care is fully realized in their products! No more saying goodbye to delicious foods, with Suzie’s, you can get the absolute best of both worlds! 



Who said healthy foods are not fun? Not Suzie’s! Suzie’s organic saltine crackers are vegan friendly and made with non-GMO ingredients, it’s the classic snack that you’ve come to love only made better! Made with wholesome ingredients, these make the perfect accompaniment to any soups, or are perfect to present on a charcuterie board to pair with your favorite fruits and cheeses!