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Make your meals muy bueno and kick them up to the next level with Tajin’s products! With varying spice levels, you can choose from a mild heat to extra hot with their authentic spices and hot sauces, or up your nacho game with their cantina style tortilla chips!

From humble beginnings in the 80’s, Tajin started selling their special blend of spices, chillies and lime that enhances the flavors of your favorite fruits and veggies one bottle at a time. After booming in the Mexican market, Tajin quickly found a place with Latinx and other communities in the 90’s with their authentic chili lime seasoning and found notoriety, expanding with each decade and growing to international levels in the early 2000’s! In the current decade (2020’s), Tajin can be found in 30 countries and is a leading brand in Mexico and the USA with their authentic yet ever evolving Mexican flavors! 

Tajin’s mission is to create products derived from the highest quality chillies to make people fall in love with their authentic flavors and to keep the taste of Mexico alive and prevalent in nations across the globe! Today, Tajin continues to thrive as the leading brand for Mexican taste and has expanded in over 40 countries, allowing people everywhere to try a little taste of Mexico with their favorite dishes, fruits and veggies!



Bring a taste of Mexico right in the comfort of your own home with Tajin’s tried and true products, derived from the best grown chillies! Tajin’s has become renowned for their seasoning salts and chili sauces, which is a great accompaniment for your favorite fruits and vegetables and can elevate your meals with a kick of spice, or Tajin up your nacho game with their cantina style tortilla chips!