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That's It

That's It

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At That’s It., we like to keep it simple, which is why you won’t see more than two wholesome ingredients in our products. At That’s It., our goal is to make healthy snacking less of a chore and a more delicious experience for everyone. We use only non-GMO, all-natural fruit that you can find right in your home garden and keep our products allergen-free, vegan, paleo, Whole30 friendly, kosher, and free of any added sugar. Our healthy fruit snacks take all the cutting, peeling, and washing out of the equation, meaning that you’ll have a new no-mess way to get your fruit in for the day. With That’s It., you can ditch those fruit bars full of sugar, artificial colours, preservatives, and other things that you don’t want in your food. Our tasty fruit bars have the “it” factor--capable of convincing even the pickiest of eaters that fruit can be delicious. With our delightfully chewy fruit bars, you’ll never have to worry about your fruit spoiling in your bag, you can reap the benefits of fruit wherever you go. That’s It. -- no more rotting fruit in your bag, harmful ingredients, or fights at snack time, just delicious portable fruit snacks.