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The PUR Company

The PUR Company

PUR helps you stash fresh, all without aspartame or added sugar, allergens, GMOs, gluten, dairy, or animal products. We create simple and healthier alternatives to everyday treats without compromising on quality and taste.

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PUR is there for you for all the big moments from first dates to first kisses to first jobs to first road trips. At PUR we help you stay fresh without the need for aspartame or added sugars, gluten, GMOs, allergens, dairy, or animal products. With The PUR Company, you can say goodbye to aspartame for good! At The PUR Company, we go above and beyond to create simple, healthier alternatives to everyday treats, without compromising taste or quality. Our products are all keto-friendly, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly for everyone to enjoy. We focus on creating products that are safe and enjoyable for all consumers regardless of dietary restrictions, preferences, and lifestyle choices. With PUR, you’ll always be able to share, and although it's encouraged, it’s not necessary. Available in discrete, small pouches, PUR will always be there for you, wherever you go. PUR’s mission is to keep life fresh and sweet without provoking a trip to the dentist! PUR creates sugar-free treats, without aspartame, that will absolutely blow you away! From sugar-free mints to sugar-free gums, you won’t believe how good a sugar-free treat can be! With fun flavours like mojito mint, tangerine tango, chocolate, and the good old classic peppermint, you can chew your way to a sweet life.