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The Wizard

At The Wizard’s, we make magic happen! We are a family-operated brand on a mission to provide consumers with convenient, organic, vegan, and gluten-free groceries. The Wizard’s Organic sauces are a branch of the Edward & Sons family business, built to bring you enchanting organic sauces and groceries. At The Wizard’s, we use a little magic to create plant-based, organic, and diet-friendly products that you can’t get enough of! We are committed to developing plant-based foods that are tasty, convenient, and diet-friendly. We source inspiration from all around the world and ensure that our products are authentic, ethical, and unique. At The Wizard’s, we recognize that everybody has different dietary needs that are often overlooked by the mainstream food industry. So, we focus on creating a range of convenient and diet-friendly offerings that are suitable for even the most special diets. All of our products come from familiar and wholesome organic ingredients intended to nourish the body and help you to draw a connection between good food and good health. We, at The Wizard’s, never lose sight of our goal and continue to innovate convenient, plant-based food alternatives that maintain your health and the health of the planet. With The Wizard’s organic and plant-based products, every meal will be a magical experience.