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Theobroma Chocolat

Theobroma Chocolat

Theobroma Chocolat is a gourmet chocolate company dedicated to making delicious chocolate the good way! That means using natural ingredients, gluten-free and GMO-free cocoa bases, sustainable packaging, and fair trade practices.

Good chocolate is hard to find. That's why our married co-founders, Josée Vigneault and Jean-René Lemire, started Theobroma Chocolat. Their philosophy was simple: make good chocolate—the good way.

Our main focus has always been to develop and produce GMO-free and gluten-free chocolates, created with pure, natural and completely organic cocoa bases. Today, after over 10 years of experience and 3 Dragon’s Den approval, Theobroma Chocolat is the leader in organic & fair trade gourmet chocolates in North America.

So if you're looking for great chocolate that's good for you AND tastes amazing? You've come to the right place!