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Three Wishes

Three Wishes

When a genie in a lamp asked us what we wanted in our lives, we said; a nutritious, high protein meal, a better way to start the day, and more energy throughout the day, and that genie granted all three of these wishes with Three Wishes grain free, high protein cereal!

Made by the Wishingrad, also known as the Wishes family, Three Wishes was an idea born from a love of cereal and an understanding that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the Wishingrad family also realized that many cereals out there was just dessert masquerading as breakfast and they couldn’t fuel themselves throughout their day with dessert to start! When their son was born, they turned their kitchen pantry upside down and inside out, scouring for a cereal that was both delicious and healthy and when their searches led them nowhere, they decided to make their own path to making a nutrient-dense cereal, and thus Three Wishes was born!

With no commodity grains like rice, wheat, corn or oats, Three Wishes cereal is entirely grain and gluten-free and contains as much protein as an egg yields! No more needing to take time out of your day to whip up a protein and nutrient-dense breakfast, all you need is a serving of three wishes cereal and a milk or milk alternative of your choosing and you have yourself the perfect, high-protein, way to start your day! 



Three Wishes cereal offers a plethora of wishes in their cereal; gluten-free, vegan-friendly, high protein, quick and convenient to serve, among many more! Say goodbye to those desserts masquerading as breakfast cereals and say hello to starting your day off on the right foot with Three Wishes plant-based, high fibre and protein cereal!