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Say goodbye to lettuce wraps and counting calories - with Tumaro’s, you can enjoy taco night the way it’s supposed to be! Their CarbWise Wraps are a much healthier alternative to traditional tortilla wraps - and contain more flavour, nutrients and a better texture than iceberg lettuce! With 60-80 calories per wrap, these carb-friendly, keto wraps make dinner and snack creations easier and tastier - while also sneaking in some much extra fibre and protein. And in a variety of flavours, such as Sriracha Chili, Garden Veggie and Honey Wheat there’s a wrap for each and every one of your cravings - whether it’s dessert crepes, homemade keto tortilla chips, thin-crust pizza, cheesy quesadillas, a tasty lunch wrap, or tacos. So you can enjoy your favourite meal or treat without having to sacrifice taste or flavour - and to that we say, that’s a wrap!