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Two Bears

Two Bears

What’s better than one bear? Two Bears! With a bevy of vegan, gluten-free oat milks and lattes, now you can stock up your pantry and fridge with Two Bears (the oat milks not the actual bears you find in a forest).
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The story of Two Bears begins with two very passionate individuals, a love for the wilderness and the desire to make coffee that allows you to savour the moment. At Two Bears, we believe in stopping to smell the roses--We recognize that life can pass you by when you’re not looking and the only thing that can stop the motion is a “wow” moment. At Two Bears, our mission is to create “wow” moments every time you crack open a can and take a sip of our delicious coffee products. We use our expertise to select the perfect blend of ingredients and to create the tastiest coffee-based recipe to make you stop and say, “Wow, that’s good!” We continuously innovate new vegan and gluten-free coffee drinks that are so tasty that you have to stop and look at our ingredients list to ensure that you’re drinking something healthy. So, go ahead, we want you to look at our ingredients list, we have nothing to hide. Just good old fair-trade coffee here, nothing artificial. All of our healthy drinks are inspired by nature, so if it's not in nature, it’s not in our drinks. At Two Bears, we crafted our healthy lattes and coffee drinks to be awesome everywhere, so feel free to enjoy it in a relaxing bath, on the subway, on a coffee date, or on your next trek to the wilderness. Our healthy drinks are perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle and also gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Now, that’s not wild, that’s Two Bears!