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Umami Bomb

Ready for an explosion of flavors? With Umami Bomb, your taste buds are going to be bombarded with that savory, decadent flavor that has you saying “yumami”.

Umami Bomb came to be from two people who went on a plant based journey after turning to the vegan lifestyle from an encounter at a Buddhist vegan restaurant in South Korea. After experiencing a litany of bold and authentic flavors from countless small dishes, they realized the potential in umami and how it could elevate any dish, and being life long condiment hoarders, they wanted something that could add that same unique and bold flavor of umami to their vegan dishes. Thus, after years of endless trials and errors, hours sworn constantly perfecting and revamping formulas, using carefully selected aromatic spices, shiitake mushrooms as their base and fermented bean paste, Umami Bomb was born and continues to be that great explosion of bold flavors! Spice up your dishes any night of the week with Umami bomb’s chili oil whether it’s leftovers or a new dish, top it off with a tablespoon or two of this savory and delicious oil for a flavor bomb!




Umami Bomb’s chili oil are small batch made oils that are vegan, keto friendly and plant based. With four flavors and spice levels to choose from, you can add a spicy and savory of a garlicky and sweet boost in your dishes, it’s an adventure of flavor that you get to choose from! Just stir and add a dollop or two on your dishes and you’ve got yourself a whole extra layer of flavor, now that’s bomb!