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Wholesome sweeteners make organic, better-for-you sweeteners using a selection of organic and plant-based products. Nothing artificial so you can still make life extra sweet.

With Wholesome Sweeteners, you’ll always get a better kind of sweet. Since 2001, we’ve been making the sweet moments more wholesome. We create organic, better-for-you sweeteners to make life extra sweet. We deliver real taste using a fine selection of organic and plant-based products, nothing artificial. We aim to keep our products gluten-free and allergen-free to add a little sweetness to everyone’s lives. Our products not only add sweetness in your kitchen but all around the world--our products are what some would consider Fair Trade, but we just call it Fair. Our mission is to provide mindfully delicious sweet choices to sweeten life’s moments through our selection of natural and artificial zero-calorie sweeteners. From agave to molasses to cane sugar, with Wholesome Sweeteners, you’ll always find the sweet moments in life.