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Wildway won't settle for anything less than you deserve! Breakfast and snack foods that are made with 100% whole food ingredients so you can live a healthier and fuller life.
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We are challenging the status quo with a wildly different approach to breakfast and snack foods. 100% whole food ingredients are our standard and promise to you. We won’t settle for anything less. All non-GMO goodness you can trust. Wildway was born from a simple truth - that life should be one wild adventure. Wildway strongly believes in inspiring others to live a healthier, fuller life. In other words, eat better—live better. It’s imperative to start your day with the best possible nutrition, fuel your own Wildway of life, and share it with the world. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. A healthy change in lifestyle and food habits is the best gift you can give yourself. 


 Some of our much-loved products are – 


Wildway Grain-free Granola Apple Cinnamon – Remember your mother’s homemade apple pie? Well, if not, this gluten-free granola will surely remind you of the flavor. Made with cinnamon, apple and nutmeg, this paleo friendly will only leave you craving for more. 


Wildway Grain-free Granola Coconut Cashew – It’s everything you need your grain-free granola to be. Gluten-free, paleo-friendly, dairy-free and made with shredded coconut and creamy cashews. The naturally sweet taste makes this a perfect go-to granola when you need something healthy to munch on!




Wildway Grain-free Granola Banana Nut – Everything healthy in this pack right here for you! The organic sun-dried bananas combined with cashews, pecans and real vanilla bean make this granola simply unique and delicious. For those wondering if this gluten-free granola tastes like your mom’s homemade banana nut bread, then get ready for a little throwback with the flavors, because it does. 


Enjoy these simple yet delightfully delicious products from Wildway because if there's any way to enjoy your nosh, then it's only the Wildway!