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The message is clear, YOU NEED THIS! These plant based snacks are what you’ve been looking for! Powered by Real Food From The Ground Up, these snacks are serving up everything that you love and more of what you need!
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Are you ready for a crunchier, tastier and healthier snack? If you are, then we’re sure that YOU NEED THIS stocked in your pantry for when you’re in that snacky mood! Plant based with a twist and powered by Real Food From The Ground Up that has many of your real veggie snack favorites, you can raise the snack bar and elevate your snacking game with these delicious vegan snacks. YOU NEED THIS snacks are the perfect, healthier substitute with absolutely no ‘snack-rifices’! Just real, healthy goodness rolled up into snack form. No more struggles trying to figure out what you want when you're feeling peckish, no more stressing on those confusing labels, these crunchy creations are just the thing you need, with a taste that knocks the other snacks right out of snacking competition! So go ahead and enjoy snacking again with a fun and delicious plant based twist. Indulging that snack tooth never felt so good!


YOU NEED THIS snacks are ridiculously delicious, healthier alternative snacks with a plant based twist! Vegan and non-GMO, these products are the perfect snack that you need to have in your snack cabinet. Enjoy healthier snacking that’s right for you, YOU NEED THIS has got your back for your snacking needs!