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ZoRaw Chocolates

Hoo-raw, it’s ZoRaw, the up and coming functional chocolate that’ll keep you sated and snacking! Keto friendly and high in protein, ZoRaw’s chocolate is the perfect snack for those who’re looking to get an easy boost in protein while still sticking to their daily net carb intake!

After struggling with autoimmune issues for many years, co-founder Gigi, went on a keto diet. It first started as a means of losing weight, Gigi quickly discovered that this simple change in her diet had actually started to alleviate her symptoms and has since been on a high fat, low carb diet, but in transitioning to this diet, she’d found that there were little to no choices for her all time favorite snack; chocolate. After taking a chocolate tour in South America, Gigi had utilized the knowledge she gained to make her own chocolate that catered to her type of diet. With the help of her partner, Tanveer, they churned out chocolate after chocolate in their own little chocolate factory in their basement, until finally, they created the first products that would become ZoRaw in 2022. Since their launch, they continue to expand their line of functional chocolate, bringing it to the masses so that everyone has a chance to enjoy snacking their way!   



ZoRaw’s keto-friendly functional chocolates are dense with protein made from grass fed whey! With no artificial sugars and made with rBST free milk, ZoRaw’s chocolate contains all natural ingredients and all that extra good stuff without the need of preservatives! Now you can start snacking consciously with ZoRaw.