Hu Kitchen Gems, Snacking & Baking Dark Chocolate, 255g

Why You’ll Love It

Whether you’re a baker or a chocolate lover, Hu gems are just what you need. These hexagon-shaped chocolates offer a unique chocolate experience. Made with only 3 ingredients, these chocolate gems are the perfect guilt-less snack or baking ingredient. Our gems are vegan, organic and paleo, and made without refined sugar, cane sugar, “natural flavours”, dairy, sugar alcohols, stevia, soy lecithin, and sunflower lecithin. They’re a fan favourite for a reason!


Organic cacao, organic unrefined coconut sugar, organic fair-trade cocoa butter. 

May contain traces of tree nuts [almond, cashews, & hazelnut].

Allergen cleans made prior to production but beware that the product is produced using equipment that also processes tree nuts, soy, peanuts, milk, and wheat.

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