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Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo with Avocado Oil, 355ml

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Dairy Free

Soy Free

Sugar Free

Cruelty Free


Sustainably Farmed


Spread some Primal- and Paleo-approved love (and a little kick!) on top of anything and everything with Mark Sisson's Chipotle Lime Mayo! This tasty, versatile condiment makes the perfect dipping sauce, too. It's real mayonnaise made with avocado oil, organic, cage-free eggs, and organic vinegar derived from beets. Every jar contains real food ingredients only––nothing synthetic or artificial. 100 percent free of sugar, soy, canola, dairy, gluten ad grain.

*Mayo will freeze in transit if temps drop below freezing. If you live in the Northeast, Midwest, Rocky Mountain Region (or anywhere that experiences cold) please DO NOT purchase mayo until the temperature warms up. Your mayo will freeze in transit, the emulsion will break and it will look scary. While it's certainly not the intended Primal Kitchen mayo experience, it's perfectly safe to consume.


Avocado Oil, Organic Cage-Free Eggs, Organic Egg Yolks, Organic Vinegar, Water, Salt, Organic Lime Juice Concentrate, Chipotle Powder, Lime Granules, Organic Chives, Organic Rosemary Extract.

Reviews For Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo with Avocado Oil, 355ml


4 weeks ago

The Primal Kitchen "mayonnaise" are extremely lily and I don't find them to be comparable to other "real" homemade or store bought mayonnaise. I'm sure it's tough when you're limited to a non dairy, non sugar way of eating, but I couldn't get over that it tasted like I just put a spoonful of oil in my mouth and that strange after-taste. Yuck!!!

- Bethany MI


1 month ago

Amazing product. Love it on everything.

- Elaine


2 months ago

So good! Glad it is available through your site!

- Karolin


2 months ago

The primal kitchens chipotle lime mayo is tangy, spicy, creamy, zesty and so flavorful .
It's great on all the things mayonnaise is usually great on , but try it on barbecued fresh corn on the cob , just slightly charred from being placed, lightly oiled, directly on the grill .Just spread a bit on and you'll have just about the best Mexican corn you can imagine. I promise, you won't miss the butter .

- Aldalynne


2 months ago

I used some of it tonight with chicken and mushrooms and it was fantastic! It's a little on the spicey side but the flavours went so well with everything.

- Lori

Addictive !

3 months ago

Delicious and addictive. Need to make sure I have enough stock through the winter months and as it can't be shipped in the cold; it is a staple as it is so versatile! Love it.

- Rose Parise

Great taste

5 months ago

Love this stuff. So healthy and creamy and gives a bit of kick to dressings and sandwiches.

- Cathy


8 months ago

Really impressed with the flavor as well as the ingredient blend. Great product. Will be re-ordering ASAP!

- Ab

Kitchen Staple!

9 months ago

I bought this because of whole30, but I will keep buying it because its SO. DARN. GOOD. on anything!

- Lauren

Excellent Option

11 months ago

Love having this sugar free, wholesome option :) Makes for an excellent dip with sweet potato fries!

- Sara B


1 year ago

delicious mayo!!! It's so good on hard boiled eggs or with chicken breast...just about anything. Great thick texture and just amazing - I will repurchase !

- Stephanie

Love love love!

1 year ago

Just love this mayo! Its healthy and the flavour is amazing! Primal products are becoming a staple in my household. Like always great price and quick shipping from

- Binish Lone

Great flavor

1 year ago

Arrived in good condition. Great flavor.

- Julio Lopez

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