Sillycow Farms Allergen-Free Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl, 480g

Why You’ll Love It

This hot chocolate mix from Sillycow Farms is the perfect way to bring childhood magic back into your life—in a way that's healthier than ever! With real cocoa and natural marshmallows flavour, Sillycow Farms' gluten-free hot chocolate mix makes this classic drink even more delicious! Dairy-free and allergen-free, it's a creamy, sweet treat made with all-natural ingredients! And did we mention that it comes in an adorable milk bottle that can be reused?

So go ahead and treat yourself to a little bit of nostalgia with Sillycow Farms' healthy hot cocoa. It’s the taste of your childhood, but with a twist!


Natural Cane Sugar, Dutch Processed Cocoa (with Alkali), Natural Marshmallow Flavour (Vanilla, Dextrose, Silicon Dioxide [prevent caking])