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Spirit Free Cocktails!

Spirit Free Cocktails!

Rock the mock at Natura Market

All the taste of a delicious cocktail - without the alcohol? Check. A luxurious drink you can enjoy all day? Yup. Great prices and supreme quality? You got it.

This is Natura Market, the go-to place for spirit-free cocktails.

We totally get that not everyone wants to drink alcohol - but that doesn't mean you should have to compromise on your favorite drinks.

Our non-alcoholic replicas are so authentic you'd be forgiven for thinking they're the real deal.

With fantastic prices and speedy delivery, you can choose from various non-alcoholic drink options right here.

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The finest selection of non-alcoholic drinks

From non-alcoholic spirits to beers, wines and mocktail cans, you'll find everything you need to appreciate the sober life at Natura Market. We offer a range of the most popular replicas, but you'll also find unique brands worth trying.

Ready to drink yourself sober? Curious about the delights that await you? Get stuck into some of our excellent beverage choices.

Non-alcoholic wine

In the past, non-alcoholic wine was basically just grape juice, but it's grown in popularity due to newer brands offering more authentic options. Our wines can be a great alternative - especially if you're looking for replicas close to the real thing.

The Gruvi collection is particularly popular, offering two sparkling wines that hold nothing back in taste.

If you love a bit of bubbly, try the Gruvi Rose wine, or keep it traditional with Gruvi Dry White wine, which contains all-natural flavours.

We love the Surely wine range, with its incredible Brut Champagne concoction. It's also keto, so enjoy bubbles upon bubbles - with no extra trouble.

Non-alcoholic beer

Alcohol-free beer has been around for a long time, but it's enjoying a resurgence due to new technologies that allow brewers to create more realistic versions. While many major brands now have a zero-alcohol version, our beers align with our values.

What does that mean? Well, these beers are full of flavor but low in sugar and calories. Prioritize health, but never compromise on quality; that's our motto, and these beers live up to it.

For a unique beer, try Gruvi IPA, which has a distinctly tropical flavour, or go wacky and wild with the Vandestreek collection, including an authentic-tasting beer or a grapefruit-themed beverage.

Another favorite brand is Athletic Brewing, with its realistic flavors. Try the Golden Ale for a creamy and smooth taste, or Run Wild, with the perfect balance of pine and citrus flavors.


Celebrate style with some incredible non-alcoholic cocktails. We have a wonderful assortment of mocktail cans with favorite flavors replicating fan favorites. Our customers love Edna's mocktails, which come pre-mixed in a can.

The ultra-refreshing, tangy Collins blend is the perfect tonic after a stressful day, with its citrus and cucumber flavorings, while the Paloma blend packs an impressive punch.

Mingle is another popular brand with a wide selection of stylish mocktails in a can. Get your Carrie Bradshaw on with the Cosmo blend or keep it classy with a Bellini - ideal for a date night.

Invite your friends for a non-alcoholic cocktail night and mix their favorite drinks with Matteo's bartender-style bottles. Every day can be a fiesta with the Margarita blend, or crank up some Rupert Holmes and enjoy Pina Colada cocktails.

Mixers sodas and seltzers

The Blake Lively's Betty Buzz range is ideal as a drink on its own, but it also makes a fantastic mixer with non-alcoholic spirits. Fancy a zero-alcohol gin? Mix it with the Meyer Lemon club soda, or add some spice to your life with the Ginger Beer blend.

We're also happy to introduce the Poppi Prebiotic soda range, with orange, ginger and lime and cola blends.

Subtle, bubbly and with delicate flavor notes, the Le Seltzer range is perfect for discerning palates. The vanilla and orange combination is perfectly balanced, while black cherry offers a punchy flavor while retaining a seltzer's classic notes.

Why choose non-alcoholic drinks?

For many people, alcohol-free drinks are a lifestyle choice - because they offer unique flavors but have none of the drawbacks of alcohol. Some people choose juices and sodas, while others might want to replicate their favorite alcoholic drinks.

We offer a range of delicious beverages that will make your taste buds tingle. Here's why you should consider alcohol-free drinks.

Fewer Calories

Yes, non-alcoholic drinks contain fewer calories than traditional alcohol. A diet high in calories can lead to weight gain and numerous health problems, so reducing alcohol can improve your health.

You'll never be left hanging

Drinking a lot of alcohol can result in headaches, sickness and duvet days where you ask yourself, 'why did I do it?' Zero-alcohol drinks offer all the flavors and fun - without any illness afterwards.

Road trip drink? We think so. Are you ready for a round of non-alcoholic beer pong? You can do it all with our spirit-free cocktails, mixes, and other beverages.

Forget the hangover and bloating, and enjoy a cool, crisp drink that will keep you sharp all night long.

More Nutritious

Non-alcoholic drinks offer more nutritious value than their alcoholic counterparts. For example, many fruit juices and sports drinks contain vitamins and minerals that can help to improve health.

Also, some non-alcoholic beers and wines contain antioxidants, which are beneficial compounds that can help to protect the body against diseases.

Everyone can enjoy them

The great thing about alcohol-free drinks is that everyone can enjoy them. Sober friends don't need to feel left out and can be ideal for social gatherings.

Let's not forget that alcohol is one of the leading causes of driving accidents. Opting for alcohol-free beverages is often the responsible option.

Shop the right way at Natura Market

At Natura Market, we're committed to providing healthy food and drink options that don't compromise flavor. Everyone should have access to a range of delicious beverages without worrying about excess sugar and calories.

Our expert team carefully assesses and reviews new products, ensuring they align with our ethics. With a handpicked selection of the finest drinks, we're always expanding our range - so remember to check back regularly.

Here's what you get when you shop with us:

Support local brands

Small and local brands often fail to get the attention they deserve - especially when competing with large companies. We always go out of our way to offer smaller brands the opportunity to grow, and our dedicated team always supports companies that meet our values.

Contribute to the environment

There's no point in offering healthy and ethical products without considering the environment. When you choose Natura Market, you can rest assured that you're positively contributing to the environment.

We prioritize eco-friendly delivery and offer sustainable packaging, ensuring we minimize our carbon footprint.

Enjoy convenience

From distinct categories to a speedy checkout process, we go out of our way to offer convenience and flexibility to each customer. You can follow your package from shipping to delivery with our live tracking functions.

Need some help choosing? Our marketplace advisors are always on hand to offer support. Shop the healthy way today - at Natura Market.