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Grass Fed

Moooove to the beat of these Grass-Fed drums! Here is a selection of Grass-Fed products for you to dance your way through!
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Did somebody say Grass-Fed?

So what are Grass-Fed products?

Grass-Fed products are animals that eat only grass throughout the entirety of their lives. When it’s winter, these animals eat dried grasses/hay to maintain their Grass-Fed diet!

Okay…but why choose Grass-Fed products? 

Most animal products come from a feeding lot, where animals are stripped away from their freedom and health. An animal's diet affects the nutrition of its products! This means that if you’re eating animal products from animals in feeding lots, you’re also consuming all the antibiotics, hormones and poor nutrition. 

The saying, “you are what you eat” never rang truer! But you can easily avoid this by switching to Grass-Fed products! 

Alright, then what are the benefits of Grass-Fed products?

Here are 5 benefits associated with consuming Grass-Fed products:

  1. Grass-Fed animal products can help you lose weight - Grass-Fed animals carry less fat. Reducing your fat consumption will significantly help you cut calories and shed weight; consuming less fat can also help lower your cholesterol levels.
  2. Grass-Fed animal products are richer in Omega-3s - Grass-Fed animals consume a high amount of omega-3s from the grass. Omega-3s promote heart health and brain health. Feed-lot animal products have low omega-3 levels and can put you at risk of deficiency and disease.
  3. Grass-Fed dairy products may reduce your risk of Cancer - Grass-Fed dairy products contain high amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and other phytochemicals that may help reduce your risk of cancer.
  4. Grass-Fed dairy products are higher in Vitamin E - Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant; it helps kill harmful cells that can cause diseases.
  5. Grass-Fed animal products are more ethical and environmentally friendly - Grass-Fed animals are not deprived of their freedom or filled with fear and stress. Grass-Fed animal products are also higher in quality since Grass-Fed animals can consume a variety of nutritious plants and live an optimally healthy life. Since Grass-Fed animals are healthier, they also require fewer medications than feed-lot animals. Upkeeping feeding lots also creates lots of pollution that can then affect the entire food chain.

The grass, may in fact, be greener on the other side! So try out our Grass-Fed products today!