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This is the bread you’ve been looking for! We’ve got that super Base Culture Bread in the house, make some noise! These 100% paleo and keto certified, gluten free bread are both delicious and nutritious. Eating clean never looked so good!
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Base Culture is here to promote a long lasting culture of eating healthy, feeling great and enjoying food without sacrificing taste! Founder Jordann Windschauer went on a 30 day paleo challenge and witnessed the results of eating clean, finding that she felt energized, healthy and simply the best. Changing this 30 day challenge to a lasting lifestyle, Jordann had a hard time finding baked goods that were both satisfying and completely grain and gluten free to be a big challenge, but that didn’t stop her! 

She rose to this challenge and started baking her own paleo goods right in her own apartment, keeping in mind all those that wanted a tasty, all natural treat, just like herself. She’d started selling her baked goods at her local gyms, and after receiving much attention from local media outlets, Jordann saw her small business boom! She moved Base Culture out of her apartment and started selling to retail chains, and soon enough, the demand became so big that she was able to build her own facility to continue to grow her creation. Of course, no matter how big this culture grows, Base Culture still maintains that very same sentiment that Jordann had in the beginning; to make eating clean easier and tastier than ever before! 


Base Culture breads are grain and gluten-free, and 100% paleo and keto certified! These dairy and soy free breads also only contain just a few net carbs per serving. With absolutely ZERO artificial ingredients, you can be all about that Base Culture bread for breakfast, lunch or dinner!