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Upgrade your plate with Divina olives and antipasti. Divina olives and antipasti represent the core values of food – authentic taste, traceability and superb quality. From growers across the Mediterranean, olive varieties such as the Greek Kalamata (Peloponnese), Italian Castelvetrano (Sicily), and Mt. Athos Green (Halkidiki, Greece) are harvested sustainably and cured according to centuries-old methods. Each olive is carefully selected to ensure the purest flavour. Our olives develop their authentic taste during the curing process that can take up to 6 months. Our olives are then carefully stuffed by hand and hand-mixed with our unique marinade giving the olives a divine taste.

At Divina, our mission is to elevate your plate with iconic and innovative ingredients, crafted with care and tradition. Divina’s commitment to integrity and quality is present in the delicate taste of each olive. Divina’s antipasti selection reflects the vibrant colours and flavours of tables from around the Mediterranean and across the world. Divina offers a variety of products that are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, keto, and AIP friendly. When Divina isn’t grazing your palate, Divina is improving the life of under-served communities. Divina partners with organizations to improve access to education, nutrition and wellness of under-served communities. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd with a fig & goat cheese antipasti, decorating a martini, or spicing up your pizza, choose Divina to elevate your experience!