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Get the best food straight from the garden with Eden Foods! Eden Foods is Canada’s #1 natural food company and the primary provider of organic, traditional, pure & purifying food.

Eden Foods was one of the first companies to recognize the importance of macrobiotics and create a traditional Japanese macrobiotic product line offering whole grains, beans, soy foods, sea vegetables, miso, cereals, and unrefined vegetable oils, seeds, nut butter and more. A macrobiotic diet focuses on organic, whole grains, and seasonal, local, non-chemical, nutrient-rich foods. Macrobiotic studies show that the body and mind are connected. Macrobiotic foods can be used to establish, regain, or maintain mental, spiritual and physical health.

Eden Foods refrains from using BPA packaging, irradiated ingredients, GMO’s, and gluten whenever possible. Eden Foods provides products to fit diets that are keto, high protein, vegan, and Whole30.

Besides being a leader in organic food production, Eden Foods has also been recognized for its environmental sustainability leadership. Eden’s Foods tracks the environmental impact of all its foods and ensures that production sites are environmentally friendly. Eden Foods aims to buy locally and pays its farmers and employees fairly. Eden Foods has previously been selected as the best food company in the world and the third best company overall.

This garden of Eden has all of the benefits and none of the forbidden fruit! Shop Eden foods to renew or enhance your health!