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From The Ground Up is keeping it real. 100%. How you might ask? By having snacks that are made from real ingredients. Finding healthy and delicious snacks can be a struggle but FTGU is here to raise the bar… the snack bar that is. They’re making it easier to make healthy snack choices daily. Continuing the REAL food train; all From The Ground Up products are made with real veggies. Tasty ones too like cauliflower, butternut squash, and purple carrot! They’re giving you REAL food, REAL good snacks, and a REAL easy choice. It’s always a good time when From The Ground Up is around.

Some of their tasty and veggie-packed snacks include: crackers, stalks, pretzels, tortilla chips, and potato chips. In the last few years, one veggie, in particular, has had a comeback. Which one you might ask? I think you know. Cauliflower! There is not another vegetable that is as versatile as cauliflower. It’s known to take on whatever flavours you add to it. So, it wasn’t hard to make this veggie as tasty as possible. FTGU has added a neutral sea salt flavour and also a delicious nacho flavour to their cauliflower chip and cracker roster. We think this veggie is here to stay because nobody puts cauliflower in a corner!

Not only does From The Ground Up have some delicious and unmatched snacks, but their snacks are also customizable. Use their tortilla chips as a scoop for your favourite dips. Or load up your energy bites with crunchy and salty pretzels. There’s no reason why these snacks have to stop at just being snacks. Say hello, and welcome home, to your new favourite snacks with a fun plant-based twist.