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Oh boy-o, KOYO is here to answer all of your ramen and noodle dreams! This is a brand that digs real and organic ingredients to take you on an umami adventure like no other, so it’s time to get to your noodle!   

For the love of all things noodles, KOYO is here to express their love for all the different kinds of noodles out there because there’s never a time when anyone says “that’s just too many noodles”. KOYO, like us, has an endless love of noodles and understands the modern diet! KOYO, like many other brands on the market today, are revolutionizing the way you enjoy your noodles, one recipe at a time.

At KOYO, they’re revamping ramen, udon and soba noodles with their noodles made with real, organic ingredients! No MSG, entirely vegan, wholesome noodles that you can enjoy in any bowl of soup, or made with your favourite stir fry or even a cold noodle salad, their noodles are endless in their possibilities and are the perfect, healthier substitute to stock up on when you’re feeling for some noodles! Koyo is the noodle her-yo you’re looking for! 



KOYO offers healthier, organic noodles that are made with real ingredients and no MSG. Vegan-friendly and with short cooking times, their udon, soba and pad thai noodles are perfect for any noodle occasion! Or, if you’re looking for an even quicker noodle with all the fixings, their ramen may be just the thing for you! They even offer a low-sodium variety for those who want all the great taste of ramen without a crazy ton of sodium!