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Lotus Foods

Lotus Foods

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Lotus Foods is a sustainable rice company offering exotic heirloom rice, rice noodles, and rice snacks from family farmers worldwide. 


At Lotus Foods, our mission is to change how rice is grown around the world. We believe that by pursuing smart product innovation, better-growing practices, and delicious, whole grain heirloom rice varieties, we’ll lessen our environmental impact, improve nutrition for our consumers and create more social and economic justice for small farmers. 


We’ve built strong partnerships worldwide to bring you the highest quality heirloom, organic rice, rice noodles and rice snacks, all while promoting organic, sustainable, agriculture, rice biodiversity and supporting producers. 

Our products contain ingredients exclusive to royalty and are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, organic, low in fat, and cholesterol-free.


Lotus Foods is a certified B corporation and takes responsibility for the impact of our decisions on employees, suppliers, community, consumers and the environment. We believe that we can change the world for the better by how we conduct our business and have received multiple awards for our leadership.

So, choose to dine like royalty with Lotus Foods!